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2014 February 6th:

Complete Site overhaul!

Or, you know, just an update.

For now, I recommend perusing the gallery.

If you're looking for our store, I am sorry to say it is currently closed

Upcoming Events

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Looking for me in person? Here's where you can find me in the near future:

March 7th, 2014: I'll be at FOGcon until the 9th.

I am no longer able to do the mercahnting & art show curcuits, but I am looking to opening a physical workshop where I can teach art and glyph-writing classes. Stay tuned!

Who am I?

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I'm just a retired shovel-bum and artist/craftperson who likes teaching classes on art and linguistics. I'm obsessed with the Meso- and Latin- America, Magic Realism, folklore, the written word, and making things with from scratch. I've made most of the things on this site (the rest are artifacts phtographed on-site in Belize).

I go by Xanalkak in the Society of Creative Anachronism, and many of you may know me by that name.

I am currently in the middle of a major overhaul of my life, and thus this site is following suit.